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Maruthi Water’s supplies water at controlled temperatures for specific industrial purposes. Thanks to the engineering experience of the promoter, special care is taken while designing the tanker to accommodate custom air-conditioning fitments. We ensure that the water temperature is maintained at the same level throughout transportation.

  1. 10 Nos  Water Tankers with Steel Containers
  2. Custom-made design to include A/c fittings
  3. Temperature controlled water – at 28 Degrees Celsius
  4. Custom-designed Ashok Leyland 12 -Tons Lorry to carry 16000 Lts of Water
  5. Area of operations – Industrial Estates in Hyderabad, Maharashtra and Goa
  6. Army Contractor for Water Browsers

As an extension of this business, the firm also engages in supply of regular drinking water to Residential, Commercial Areas and Complexes on a monthly/yearly basis.

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