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Private Air port with ATC License | Runway and Hangers for Exclusive | Maintenance of All Aircrafts

India has seen a rapid growth in the aviation industry in the last decade. India is fast becoming a hub for development and international investments. This robust growth story of India has necessitated improvements / development of new airports with international standards.

The promoter, Mr. Rajesh Janyavula, has launched a novel project to set up a private airport in Hyderabad to cater to the needs of the aviation sector.

Maruthi Air Service & Maintenance (MASM) provides a private airport with ATC licence, a runway and hangars for exclusive maintenance of all aircrafts.

Private Airport

This will house all the standard requirements of a world-class airport. What more, being a private airport, the guests will be pampered with a state-of-the-art lounge and concierge services.


The project shall secure a licence for the operation of an Air Traffic Control (ATC) unit with all the latest navigational technologies. The ATC will be manned by the best-in-class aeronautical engineers and Air-time technicians.


This state-of-the-art runway will provide landing facility for all types of aircrafts. This would make this private airport suitable for both passenger and cargo carriers.

Hangars / Parking Bays

The airport provides for Hangars and Parking bays to enable the maintenance of the aircrafts. The Hangars are equipped with the latest facilities for maintenance. This will enable the carrier companies to maintain their entire fleet of aircraft.


The airport shall Tie-up with the best and fastest growing companies – both domestic and international.

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